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We made forays into town, but these trips are almost an assault on the senses, against the cocoon of peace one feels here.

Guests from Dallas

Guest Review from spencerdiamondgirl - Feb 2, 2010

"Villa of a Lifetime"

To those that may read this, there are no words to describe our week at Casa Romantica. Upon arrival you'll know immediately that you have arrived at your 'vacation of a lifetime' ... The photos of Casa Romantic do not do it justice. The lens cannot capture the warmth you will feel within the walls of the spacious 2 bedroom villa. The staff is kind beyond description and adds to the entire experience. The sound and view of the lush tropical jungle steals your attention from the turquoise coast almost constantly, but it is a pleasant and welcoming distraction filled with a symphony of colorful parrots and other breeds of strikingly beautiful birds who pass so closely that they are nearly within your reach. It smells of romance, intrigue and relaxation, but don't let it fool you, for it also touches the very soul of your adventurous side and may well affect you to hike, ride burros and zip line in heights normally out of your comfort zone and then leave you begging for more. Yes, Casa Romantica is the place to spend time with people you love and want to re-connect with. It feeds the heart and mind while starving stress. We rented a jeep for the duration of our stay and found it to be the perfect accompaniment to the villa and recommend having a vehicle should you manage to tear yourself from the 80 degree infinity pool. No easy task I'll admit, but worth it if you do. Although we loved the Malecon for shopping, our greatest treasures were discovered off the beaten path in small obscure shops. You will find a smile on nearly every face your eyes fall upon. The smiles are genuine, a blend of vacationers and locals. Everyone is comfortable in their own skin once they've shed the burden of everyday life. We encourage you to waste not want not and begin shedding the moment you arrive. The only downfall or negative for us is that our time passed much to quickly and we mourned like a grieving widow as we departed. Ms. Spencer Betz Oceanside, CA


Guest Review from dmessier - Jan 23, 2010

"Don't tell anyone about this place!"

Look the problem is, when you find a great place, and you tell everyone about it, everyone wants to go. Then we cannot go back because it's always booked. So, don't read this review. This is not a mega resort; there are no bars/discos on site, and no time-share sales people. Town is at least ten minutes away. It’s quiet all day, everyday. All you ever hear is the waterfall in the pool. Alberto (we miss you amigo!) will interrupt your morning coffee on the deck about 11:00 AM, to check the pool and to sweep the fallen flowers up in the morning. Yup, it's pretty hard. The home is way too clean, and the bathrooms are not like a hotel. The shower alone is about the size of the whole bathroom you expect in a resort. IMHO it’s too big, as two people have to shower together! Same goes for the king size beds they are just too big and comfy, you won’t want to get out of bed. And don’t get me going about the kitchen. We like to cook so we spent way too much time there - eating. And finally, the south facing pool is really, really hard to take. It interrupts your sun tanning time every 15 minutes - over and over. When you get in the pool, the view just distracts you from pouring another cocktail. I don’t know how you can ever enjoy a vacation like this! So take my advice. Don't go - it's just too hard to leave, and make sure you don’t tell anyone about it.


Guest Review from anish.h.patel@ - Jan 22, 2010


We loved Casa Romantica! Karen made the booking process so easy! We're low maintenance so although they have a maid come by daily, we asked that she only come every few days. The house was stocked with useful things as well -- from beach towels to binoculars -- they had us covered. The pool was amazing! The view overlooked the forest, mountains and the bay. The only draw back was that the spa took a few hours to heat. Also, the satellite tv was a little unstable but there were plenty of DVDs to entertain us. The Wifi was a bit slow but lucky for me that meant my husband couldn't work! One of the most useful things in the house was the information book. I knew if we needed anything that we could sneak a peek in there and find it. This house also has modern conveniences such as air conditioning and blow driers. Overall, I definately recommend this house to anyone who needs to get away!


Guest Review from rachael.downing - Jan 7, 2010

"beautiful villa"

The house was absolutely wonderful. Very peaceful and secluded. Beautiful views from the pool and deck, which is where we spent most of our time. Next time I'll hire a car to get around, although taxis were very easy.

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